Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dear Santa,

please, please, please!!!

Love, Lilia

Love random pic of my family!

look at Lills go. She is getting so good at this walking business!

making dre craft with me....

is like pulling teeth!

She got tired after choosing what paper to use! How are we sisters??? She is the super sporty one and I can't even dribble a ball.
I love forcing her to try the things I like and she is a pretty good sport about it! Like I said, she is sporty.
Love you sis!

Photoshop to the rescue!

I like to play around on all the fancy features.

oldie but goodie!

This is a really old pic but I love it!


Good times w/ Tela and Tara.
I seriously LOVE THIS PIC!!!!! These girls are so good to me and the kids. I had to pay them back somehow.
Sept. 2009

my view from the top.

One of the coolest things I have done. Ever since I saw Lavar do it on Reading Rainbow... I have really really wanted to go up in a hot-air balloon!

Please don't go!

I usually love Fall and Winter but this year I am sad to see the warm weather leave us. This last weekend it was in the 80's and I enjoyed every bit of it. These pics are from an evening in June or July.

Joey and O
Nifae and AshO "fishing"
I wouldn't mind it if this girl came back, too!!!!