Sunday, August 29, 2010

"If you teach a man to fish..."

...or whatever that quote is....

Er...Well, anyway~ here are my fishermen:
Nifae cut out the cutest fish of his own design for the two little fishermen below.

who knew a floor made out of fake wood flooring could turn into the deep blue sea.
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Last week was an extremely buisy week.

Carpool, Dr. Appointments, football practice and back to school nights.
The Low Fuel message had been on forever but I didn't have time to get some....This is what finally made me pull over.

I really can not believe I let it get THAT low. I am sure my car hates my guts right now.

But no worries~We got her filled up and headed off to another errand.
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this little cheeser...

... and I have a 2 hour date, two times a week!
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