Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chore cans

I stole this idea from my sister who made chore cans for her kids. She wrote out all the jobs on popsicle sticks and the kids choose which chores they are doing that day.
We already had a chore system in place but i made these so I could switch things up. My 6 year old is onto me and knows in the end.... he has to clean the house but fun things like this help the process. Thanks Carrie for the cute idea!
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Valentine Treats

We got lots of Valentine treats from our neighbors.

THANKS TO ALL OF YOU that thought of us.We love you guys~!
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Somebody didn't want to be my Valentine :(

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2011 Valentine's

OK, so I should have taken pics after I applied the suckers and candy they are holding. It doesn't really have the same effect but I thought I would post pics anyway.

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