Sunday, February 28, 2010

I asked for it....

.... and I got it!

Snow + 6th Ward Young Woman + Fabulousnesss!
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Young Woman that ROCK!

Even when it's 3:30am~ they still get their scriptures read.
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The ride up to the cabin

We headed up to Cedar mountain. We saw wild turkeys, frozen waterfalls, snow drifts and cool cabins.

Tommy took my car to get the inside detailed so that the girls would not get totally grossed out. (My car is usually occupied by 3 messy little kids and one busy busy mommy). It was so nice to have my car free from the 3 week old chicken nugget/ 4 left side shoes/ broken crayons/3 sucker sticks and a million pieces of grodieness.

THANK YOU MY TOMMY, I love you so so much!
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The President & The Scum

Sister Brock was the President and Bro. Fakatumafi was The Scum.
I wish we had more time to play this card game!!!
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Snow Bunnies

ALL of the YW went out to play while ALL at Leaders hung out and chatted in the warm warm cabin. I am a little disappointing in myself since I LOVE the snow! But it was great to see the girls playing in the snow. It reminded me SOOOO much of when I was in YW.
All of our YW are incredibly sweet and so much fun.

Moose Belt

These silly girls! what will they come up with next?
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Leaders that Rock!

All of the leaders that went were so much fun!
Sister Kesterson did so much planning and made everything so great!
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Good Morning Ladies

We didn't breakfast until close to noon. We all stayed up late. We had the yummiest omelets and bagels.
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The paper sack game....

Here is how you play:
You have to pick up the paper bag with your mouth. Only your feet can touch the ground. Those are the only rules.
It's hilarious!

You just had to be there!!!! LOL

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This girl is NOT A QUITTER!!! She did awesome!
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Pretty Nails

We glammed up all the girls and some of the leaders. That was my favorite part!
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Big Hair

Alexis' hair is pretty AWESOME!!!!!

(Yes, we live in Southern Utah.. and we know how to rock it!)
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Other Southern Utah Hair styles...

Beatrice has the longest most gorgeous hair. She was so good to get us test out all this crazy stuff on her.
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Digging into the cabin and the men folk that made it all possible....

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