Wednesday, November 9, 2011


So if you follow this blog you may notice I have about a 100 to 1 ratio of pic of my kids vs. pics of Joey.
I guess the reasoning is because well.... my kids don't mind when I get my camera out. Maybe that has something to do with their age. Teenagers seem to have less tolerance for that sort of thing. Maybe this is why:

Maybe they don't trust our judgement on where and when we will post pics. Funny, that is the same reason I don't trust teenagers with things like thier own camera or Facebook. So I guess we are even, right?!

Anyway, I have always wanted this blog to be some what of a journal but it is very inaccurate. Joey is very much a part of our everyday lives. We love him so much and I am pretty sure he loves us just as much.

This picture of him crashed out on the side of our bed is taken one Sunday when we all watched The Other Side Of Heaven as a family. Everyone crashed out but this guys took the prize for the longest nap. He must have been growing. It was such a great Sunday.

I try my hardest to resist the urge to grab my camera when he looks so sharp and handsome so that I don't embarass him. Often times I want to record a conversation with him because he can be so sweet or record him playing his ukaleilei but I know he would stop just as soon as I pressed record.
That being said I just have to say~ We love Joey so much. Even if his picture doesn't pop up on there as often as I would like. We have had many ups and downs and my eyes have been opened up to the stress that a teenager can bring but I am grateful for Joey in our lives. He has taught us a lot about life and ourselves. Love you, Joeman!

July 2011
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Quail Lake July 2011

It's crazy to think this is just minutes from our house.

See these blow up water toys. They are the same ones from Lilia's 1st Birthday Party. I have really been getting my bang for my buck there! :)

This pic below makes me so happy. I have great memories swimming with my family at the West Jordan Middle School Pool. LOL. I think I would take the beach over that pool anyday but the point is: Family + Water= GREAT MEMORIES!!!

July 2011
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After the party we headed back to the hotel

This is pretty much what the kids live for! They are all little fishes.

After all the days fun they were excited to go to bed. I thought they would totally KO as soon as they hit the sheets. I could hear some movement and when to check it out I found this:

The little sneakers were eating in bed. I let is slide just this one night because they were being so good and cute but at home to is a Code Red NO- NO!
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July 2011

Happy Valley looks like this.

We saw this crazy goat structure and 6 goats totally climbing it . We had to pull over because it was just too funny.

We got a glimps of the Provo temple and it was so pretty .

My picture are horrible in these latest posts. I got a new camera and I did NOT know how to use it. Blah.
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Sarah and Sape's baby's party.

This was the most fun 1st birthday party EVER! Loved all the under the sea decore and got to see some of our favorite people. The kids ran free and the entertainment was so good! We even got to see Ashley and Ma'a which my kids LOVED to see them after so long.

july 2011
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Mini vaca

We usually stay at my parents house when we go up North but we had a party in Provo to go to the first night so Tommy made an executive decision and got us a room for the night.

It was so much fun! Tommy knew the lady at the front dest and we got hooked up with this awesome suite.

The kids pretty much had their own area seperate from our room and best of all they had their own TV. They thought they were pretty smart in their own little apartment.

My kids favorite thing about staying at a hotel is the pool. A close second is those little note pads and pens they leave by the phone. That is hours of enjoyment for my kids right there.

This was one of my most favorite "vacations" EVER. It was just so last minute and random and totally relaxing. We got some major family time in and that makes me the most happy. I think about it all the time and it makes me smile. I was so happy when I stumbled upon these fuzzy pics.
July 2011
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My crew.

This was our crew this summer. While Tommy was out of town and Joey was off to AZ or stuck up in his room with 5 of his closest friends~ this was what consumed my summer. Some of my summer highlights was cuddling up with all 3 in the mornings. crusing around checking out what Southern Utah has to offer, filling up on Snow Caps and Little Ceasars Pizza, making smoothy pops every 5 days, working on craft projects and missing Tommy and Joey. We had such a fun summer and I feel so lucky to have these 4 awesome kids in my life!
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These two.

So, they havn't always been the best of friends but I think they are starting to finally turn a corner. I find them playing and laughing more then they are being grouchy towards each other. Owen is learning to "help" less and incourage more. Lilia is learning how funny Owen can be and that they have a lot in common. This is cause for celebration in my mind. I have been pretty intense about them not fighting. It bothers me so bad when I hear them butt heads. I know siblings will always have a degree of friction growing up but my tolerance lever for it is very low. ANYWAY~ I hope they will continue to get closer as the years tick on.
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