Saturday, May 22, 2010

I finished my project.

sand + shells + glass vase x 10=
2~4x4 paper circles + blonde hula girl cut out + "Congratulations RoRo ~ Class of 2010" + bamboo skewer x 10 =Add it all together and you get.... this:

Our good friends daughter Rochelle is graduating for Hurricane High School AND Dixie State College at the same time. She earned herself an associates degree while finishing up high school. What a smarty.
We were in Hurricane all day while Tommy helped get the food ready for the Luau themed party tomorrow. Tonight I came home and finished these for the tables.

I am so excited to be moving out to Hurricane. I got to check out my grocery store & gas station. I also got to check on our house through out the day and every 4 hours something new was getting installed. So exciting!!!
Anyway, I have a lot of projects I want to do for the house but nervous about turning it into a junky amateur museum of crafts. I see so many blogs with CUTE Cute stuff and I wish I could sew better and build stuff with power tools. I am sure there will be A LOT of trial and error.
until then I will keep to the smaller projects that I am comfortable with:)

oh so sweet....