Thursday, February 10, 2011


Confessions #1- I can stay up until 6am without even a yawn. Every night I have to FORCE myself to GO TO BED! I loved working graveyard shift before I had kids.

Confession #2~ I am SOOO over hearing people from Hawaii talk about how different Utah is from Hawaii. REALLY? One is a dessert with a bunch of white people and the other is an island with a bunch of brown people. How did you not know things would be a little different?

Confession #3~ When I am stressed or am avoiding a deadline... I craft.

Confession #4~ All of my favorite songs have NOTHING to do with my life or any of my life experiences or goals. I think it is weird that I love songs that have nothing to do with me.

Confession #5~ I hate classical music. It gives me anxiety.

Confession #6~ Ever since I had kids I really don't like watching movies.

Confession # 7~ I rarely say morning prayers. It's the most important prayer of the day.... how in the world do I dare skip it? MUST FIX!

Confession #8~ I LOVE LOVE LOVE garbage day. There is just something about getting rid of the stuff you don't need. Does this make me a wasteful American?

Confession #9~ I wanna cry whenever Tommy or the boys talk about getting a dog. Why must I be a non-animal-lover????

Confession #10~ I am not sure why I finally jumped on the "Confession" bandwagon but did. This may be the first and last.

Does this make us red necks?

I guess if you have to ask, then you already have the answer. LOL

Ok, so maybe it's just O and i that are the red necks. Lills eats her raisins with a spoon... yep, she is pretty high class!
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Town of Virgin...

Who knew, they had a park?

It was lots of fun and really just great to get out of our small town... even if it was to hang out in an even smaller town.

Aren't those supposed to be buried?
I think the park may have been effected by the major over flow from the Virgin River... What do you think?

The kids had fun but when the sun went down it was FREEZING!!!! So we packed up and headed home.

A bunch of Virgin Ostriches

You know, from the town of Virgin.

This way to Dalton Wash

I really wanted to check it out but I had to pick up Joey from Rugby practice. Maybe next time.
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Is this normal?

I have never seen a cow just hanging out in the front yard of a house. It wasn't tethered to anything... it was just.... hanging out grazing.