Thursday, October 21, 2010

We like to Party Party: Halloween style

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Decorating Halloween Cookies

Katie made the pumpkin shaped cookies and Jessie made the cute cute icing. This was Lilia's FAVORITE part about the party!

Heidi brought all the paper goods and lemonade.

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Photo op

Amanda took family pics. Ours captured everyone perfectly!

Paint'in Pumpkins

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Brooke made this cute cute pinata!
and it did not disappoint!
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Masters of disguise

lunch time nappers

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Owen can ride a bike

Goodbye, training wheels. Hello, scrapes and bruises!

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Lilia's first hair cut

This is Owens handy work:(
lucky for him I can not even tell where he cut it from so the damage is minimal!
When I asked him what he was thinging he said, "I get the scissors and I telled her, "Today you get a hair cut and your hair cutter is me...then I cutted her hair."
It took everything in me to maintain my mommy scowl of disapproval and not bust up laughing!
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my snuggler

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This is where I live.

I had to pull the car over and get a pic of these clouds. I just wanna climb right up in the sky and take a nap on them!

Tommy and Joey's 17 mile hike to Angel's Landing

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