Monday, January 24, 2011


We hitched a ride with Tommy on his last run up North before Christmas. We were so excited to see mom and dad and the boys were gonna go to some hockey games with Aunty Dre.
It was a pretty crazy ride to Delta. The snow had been falling nonstop and it got pretty tense at times.
But things lifted up and it ended up being a very beautiful drive!
Now that's some snow!
The kids LOVE what their dad does. They think he is the coolest EVER. Owen said at one stop, "I wished I be-ed Daddy!" Nifae agreed saying, "Me, too. He's awesome!"
That is the kind of stuff we live on. <3!

Dec. 21, 2010
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Best way to travel!

It's pretty awesome to drive with Tommy. The kids can sleep on a comfy bed.... and that is what they did. For hours~ that never happens when we go in my car.
The kids had lots of fun. We packed lots of activities and snacks.There is a top bunk that the boys could hang out in and they made it their fort.
But ultimately, this is what helped the time pass the most!
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When it rains it pours!

It had been raining non stop in Hurricane for a week. Our backyard started to get a swimming pool. Since Tommy and I were leaving to head up north for a few days we decided to dig a little trench to divert the water. It drained in a little over an hour. We headed up north with the peace of mind that our house was not going to flood.
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Yay for holiday visitors!

The Wagner's stayed over on their way to Calif.
Our plan was to meet them there for New Years but that didn't end up working out:(. So I was really happy we got to see them.
And squeeze this little baby!!!
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Baby H gets his grub on!

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Christmas Break!

Let's just say: IT WAS WELL NEEDED!

Joey and Kristy flew to Hawaii to spend the break with Grandma. So that left just the 5 of us in the house for almost 3 weeks.
The kids wasted no time taking advantage of Joeys tv. His room was used as a guest room 3 times while he was away so I am sure he was glad to miss out on that.
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Nifae's Kindergarten Christmas Progarm

It was adorable! This really got me into the spirit of Christmas since all Dec. we had been running around. It was just what our family needed. Nifae knew all the words and hand motions. I was pretty proud of this smart smart boy!

Nifae loves his teacher. He was really sad to leave her for the long Christmas break.

Dec 2010
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