Wednesday, November 18, 2009


We have the best Pediatric staff ever!!!!
They treat us so good and just love our kids.
"Hello0, this is Lilia, how may I direct your call?"
She wanted to check everything out. I'm not sure who is training who :).

Shoot'em up.

We decided to go ahead with the H1N1 shots. It helped that we got ours for Free. Woot woot!
O and Nifae were troopers just like with the flu shot. Nifae said it tickled and O just wanted to get his toy from the nurse.
Lillsy was less excited about hers. She cried and patted my back as I patted hers. She is so sweet.

FALL'in for ya...

This Fall has been a beautiful one here in St. George. The leaves have all changed and the weather has just barely started to get chilly.

Two heads are better than one...

Nifae Sr. and Tommy decided to put a swing up for the kids.
Squaters. LOL These guys are awesome dads, don'tcha think?!
Tommy stringing up the swing.
What a support system! LOL. Love you, 'Uila.

The kids love it!


We played jump rope with the extra rope and that was hilarious. Tommy can do a mean double dutch. He told me that I need to learn how to "carve". Still not too sure what he meant by that. Joey and Tommy and Ashley are WAYYYYY better than 'Uila and I. We couldn't stop laughing long enough to make it though the songs.
What a fun night!

Don't blink!

Tara and Lills January 2009
Tara and Lills November 2009They grow up right before your eyes!

"I don't like to barf"

I'm driving down the road with Owen in the back seat.
Out of the blue he says,
"I don't like to barf."

I frantically start looking for a bag... a bowl... something!
Me~"Do you feel like you want to barf?"

O~ "Nope, I just don't like to barf."

Okay, thanks... good to know!