Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I know Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers. But sometime, I think it works just a teeny bit better is you have a little kids say the prayer.

On Sunday I couldn't find my phone. I looked GENERALLY around the house and car and couldn't find it. We sat down to dinner. Owen was the last one to have my phone, so of course I gave him the most grief about the phone being missing.

He said, "Mom, did you say a PRAYER?"

I really hadn't looked in every possible place so I didn't get to the prayer part yet. I told him not yet and then he said, "well, lets say one."

Owen, "Heavenly Father, um, please you help my mom for find her phone? Amen."

I thought it might be in my closet so I headed that way. I saw Lilia's dress on my bed and I picked it up to hang it up and sure enough there was my phone under her dress.

It took a whole 5 seconds for HF to answer that sweet prayer.

This story should be in this blog 400 more times because THIS ALWAYS HAPPENS. He hears and answers prayers.

So as we start last week , Tommy gets some sad and crappy news. He has two cousins on either side of his family that found out they are have cancer and it is in stage 4. Surgery's are happening to remove tumors. Biopsy's are being done. And our family is fasting, hoping and praying our hearts out.

I know that HF heard all those pleas. I know he will help. I know that our family is forever. I know everything will be ok. I am thankful for such an easy way to communicate with our Father in Heaven.
Just had to share.