Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Convo at the end of a great night:

After a fun night at the Dickens Festival and dinner with all the cousins, we got home and got ready for bed.

Owen was getting out of his clothes and said,
"I widdy miss my daddy. Do you?"

Me~"Yes, I miss him a lot."

O is thinking... thinking....

O~"I widdy miss Jesus Trist (Christ), too."

Nifae~"I don't cause I have a picture of him in my room."

O~ "Oh, Yeah!"

This kinda stuff melts my heart. I remember Nifae telling me that a few years ago. It's so sweet.
I wonder if when they are really really young they feel so close to him and as they grow they come more aware that it takes more effort to be close to Christ.
Could be reading more into it but I am happy that Christ is a real person in their life along with their daddy!
Couldn't ask for more!