Monday, February 15, 2010

My little hearts

Ooooh, I love these little Valentines of mine. Muah!
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El Cap-E-tan :

It was that time again when Nifae was class captain. He loves it so much! I decided this time I was going to make snack time a little easier on us by packing it all in bags. WAAAAAYYYYY EASier!
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Be Mine!

This year was lots of fun getting Valentines ready. I found this cute idea here. I love to blog swipe ideas!
I think they turned out adorable.
Nifae signed the back of 24 Valentines for his class. After he signed the last one he said, "Woah, that was a lot of hard work."
It sure was!

Here is what I came up for Owie~
I edited a valentine greeting on his card, too. BUT.... ended up printing the wrong one:(

Oh well, they were still lots of fun to make!

Tommy took me to Dear John the night before Valentine's Day. On Sunday night we passed out all the rest of the Valentines to loved ones that live close by.

Hope you all had a very lovey weekend!!!!
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Holiday Treats...

Are not just for Christmas time!

I love to make lovey treats, too:

The kids and I love to make these yummy hugz pretzel bites
This was my first time making choc. dipped Oreos. They ended up really cute.
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Peaunut Butter rice crispie treats, anyone????

this is my trusty stand by for home teaching or neighbor gifts, for spectacular Resident Assistance or any old time you need a treat. So cheap and easy... and super super yummy!

I stole this idea from my sister...

and I plan on useing it a ton!
Feel free to steal this bday idea also.
(My birthday is June 11th;)
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One good thing about live at the dorms...

it's kitty corner from the fire station. In case of emergency... they got you covered~Pronto!
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Aunty Dre came to town

this means naps for mommy,
denny's in the morning,
walk with the kids,
2 hour Wii sessions,
load of laundry washed,
and an awesome romantic date for Tommy and I.

Thanks for being such a great Aunty! We all love you!
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Laundry Day

this is an indoor look only.
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Our little chef

He makes a pretty mean 5 course meal. Can wait to see what he has cook'en next!
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