Thursday, July 22, 2010

Just some randomness...

I just realized today that I am one of those really weird people that don't like water.
Not like drinking it (Cause I love to drink it... and shower in it) but like playing in it.

I don't like water skiing/ wake boarding/boating/ jet skiing/tubing . I never want to go white water rafting or any kind of rafting. I don't enjoy snorkeling, attempting to surf or jumping off the high dives or high rocks or cliff diving into the ocean. Not a fan of hydro tubes at a water park... or water parks in general. Who says that? What a super lame-o I turned out to be!

I think it may have to do with my total lack of coordination and I find that most physical things I try I suck at and throwing in water just does not help the situation.
Maybe I'm that was because I am not a strong swimmer. I mean I took lessons in the WJ middle school pool. Ewww!

Maybe it's cause I am fat and don't enjoy being in a swimsuit in public.

Maybe it's cause I have a real fear of large bodies of water. Even in an indoor pool I freak when something brushes by my leg. It's not a fear of drowning per se but more like being swallowed up like that boat in the movie Other Side Of Heaven. When I saw that scene it was my greatest fear being played out infront of me. No cool!

Maybe it is just because water activities are like camping. It just takes so much prepwork before and so much clean up after. I hate dealing with dirty wet clothes.

So with all this said, why is it that I married a total fish? And that I have 3 kids that are totally all about water and swimming?

Is that Murphy's Law?

There are some water activities I do enjoy:

Body surfing at Kakela's. The reef makes me feel safe, like a shark is not gonna come eat me. I'm not even sure it that is true but I like that beach and playing in the water there. Maybe it is because I fell in love there. Who knows.

I like swimming at friends pools and luckily have a bunch of friends down here in the dessert with pools. To clarify, I really don't like swimming but I really like seeing my kids have fun and my husband has the best cannon ball EVER!

I actually enjoy slash pads. I don't mind getting wet and I like that you can take the camera and only be on 1/2 alert.

I really love baths and my new garden tub rocks! No weird fish, or seaweed, or kid pee.

But really I think my most favorite water activities is pedicures! Hands down, that's my fav!

I have no idea why I feel the need to post this. It shows how lame I am but for some reason when I sat down I just had to put it out there.

So there you go.