Wednesday, July 6, 2011

If I don't write this stuff down I will forget it!

Tonight during Song, Scripture and Prayer we read in Mosiah about being steadfast & immovable. We were talking about what that meant. I had the kids try to stand as still as the could while someone tried to push them off their mark. Kennedy my oldest sisters daughter is here and she got all the little kids to move pretty easily. Since she is 12 it was pretty hard for my kids to get her to move. We talked about how we can choose the right and be immovable. We talked about things they see other kids doing that are not so good and how they can be immovable when they are around things like that. We talked about Jesus Christ and how he can help us choose the right when it is hard. Lilia was so cute. She burst out and said, "JUST PRAYER!" Which was so cute since she can not say her "R"s. It was a good reminder to me to just pray when I need help choosing the right.
Nifae started to get really emotional and was holding back tears. He has always been such a spiritual boy since he was very very young. Actually, I remember my mom holding him the day he was born and she said, "Wow, he has very wise eyes". He had a look about him, his eyes were very clear and he looked like he was looking at your soul. Wow, that sounds dramatic! LOL (Looking back at his hospital picture I think he looks just like Mr. Miagi from Karate Kid... maybe that was it.).
ANYWAY, back to tonight~ I asked him what he was feeling and he couldn't talk. I asked him if he knew what the warm feeling inside him was and he said shook his head, no. Before Kennedy (my awesome niece) could say, "The Spirit"... Lilia blurts out, "YOUR LOOSE TOOTH!" LOL What am I gonna do with this girl?????
We all had a good laugh and that helped Nifae to get his words back. We had such a great talk about feeling the Spirit and how it can help us so much. Kennedy, Nifae, Owen and Lilia were all apart of this and had so much to say.
We talked more about trying to be immovable. Kennedy said she had some people in her family that are movable. We said that we do, too and that sometimes we ourselves are easily moved. I was so grateful to tell them that it is ok when we make mistakes and how we can get that bad feeling to leave us and the good feeling to come back and stay with us. I could not believe I was talking with a 12, 6,5 and 2 year old. It is crazy how much they already know about the gospel. I learn so much from them. I love their primary teachers so much for all the time and effort they have spent preparing and teaching those lessons to my kids. I love it!
Nifae and Kennedy talked about their Grandpa and Grandma that had passed away. Nifae was so emotional and said that he prays for his Grandpa all the time and that he misses him. Owen said he prays for him all the time, too. This is so surprising to me since Tommy's dad died when Tommy was 5. So my kids have never met him. I, as are my kids and my niece, so happy to the Plan of Salvation and for the sacrifice of Jesus Christ so that we can live together again one day. I am grateful that I can share this beautiful gospel with my kids and in turn they teach me so much about what it really is.
So, I guess that's pretty much my testimony right there.
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