Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sugar High

I gave the kids Kool-Aid to drink with lunch today.

We normally drink Crystal Light in this house but I was out and happened to have some Cherry Kool-Aid lurking in the cupboard.

It's been a long time since my kids had tasted the straight up sugary water. This was the first thing Nifae said after his first sip.

"Why does my drink taste like a sucker?"


Well because basically it is!!!!

Owen was knocking it back and he said, "Does this have sugar in it?"
It reminded me of my FAVORITE movie EVER~ Elf!

Morning Prayer

Owen's prayer this morning:

"Heavenly Father thanks for days. Thanks brother be a good man. Bless me.... I'm Owen. "

Nifae chimes in, "But your Awesomest-Prime (Optimus Prime from Transformers)"

O, "No I'm not! I like to be a bad guy."

N, "We'll then why does your shirt have Awesomest-Prime on it?"

O, "I'm him now. I'm a good guy now. Heavenly Father bless our cereal and our fatty girl, she gots ouchie teeth and thanks for our Christmas tree. For Halloween I want to be a leaf and....... (on and on and on!)

He eventually muttered an Amen.
He's prayers crack me up!

The Early Bird gets the Ax

Well, at least this turkey bird did.

We had Thanksgiving a few weeks early this year since Tommy's mom was in town. Maile and Tommy cooked up all the fix'ens and we sat down for a real deal Thanksgiving Dinner.

It was so good that I feel like the real Thanksgiving already happened. I keep forgetting that it's next week.
Ashley sitting at the dessert table. Smart girl.
Maile and her beautiful fall tree.
Scrabble was played.

After dinner we took a walk to the temple. (See earlier post titled "Within Walking Distance".

The Temple grounds are so beautiful. We are soo sooo lucky to live so close.
The kids loved every second of it .
I was shocked at how well behaved they were.
I can't think of a better thing to do on Thanksgiving.

This might have been one of my best Thanksgiving ever. What a great place to end a thankful night!

Shake it like a Polaroid Picture.

shake it...shake shake... sha shake it!