Thursday, January 28, 2010

"Aloha and thank you for calling the Laie Inn. This is Megan, how may I help you today?"

So I just saw this video via Facebook.

This is where I used to work when I lived in Hawaii.
So many memories of this place and my life at that time.
It was so fun to live and work on the North Shore as a single girl.

The Laie Inn, or the Laniloa Lodge, or the Lodge.... was right next to the PCC. There are so many fun people I met from around the world.
I remember working there during the September 11 attacks and so many people were stuck there because the island was on lock down. I met and dated one of The Jetts brothers there and got to chat with Kap (the famous Samoan fire knife guy) every weekend.
I remember when a bball team came from Japan, I had never seen so many 6ft tall Asian men in my life.
I was working there the fist time I ever had to call 911. Turned out to be the first of many phone called to 911 during my employment at the Lodge. :0
I loved ALL of my coworkers in the front desk, I loved all the maids and maintenance guys.

My best memory was when Nicole flew into town and I fell in love with Tommy less than a week before I was flying back to Utah. We stayed up all night talking and watched the sun rise on the beach. It was incredibly romantic. We both had to work at 6am that day and so we had to hurry into work. I was on cloud 9.
That afternoon he came running into the lobby and said, "I'm probably going to get fired but I had to come see you even for a second." When I think about the Laie Inn I think about that fun fun time in my life. Crazy how a short little video can bring a million memories rushing back.
Aloha Oe!

(of course I am dying because I don't have a scanner and I have a million ACTUAL pictures from this time... but alas.... no scanner. You'll just have to use your imagination.)

Pics from the past...

This was taken about 8 years ago in Tommy's moms yard. Look at my sexy hubby. We had been married less than a year ;).
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There's a new girl in town....

Tommy's best friend, Hemaile, has moved here from Hawaii. She is so much fun to have around and the kids all adore her. Yeah for more St. George aunties!
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Even thought my YW are amazing with her....

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Every Thursday Night....

You will find this little girl and her brothers waiting...and waiting... and waiting...
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For thier Papa to get into town.

Lilia has gotten so close with her Papa the past few months. She crys for him everyday and hates when you say the word "Work" because that means he is gone:(.

Sickie Ickerson

This little doll (along with her 2 brothers and mama) have all been sick. It was only a 24 hour flu but for 24 hours.... it wiped us all out. Thank goodness it's over because it is too too heartbreaking to have very sick kids!
Hurray for better days!
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