Monday, November 29, 2010

3 1/2 pages of posts???

Really Megan?
So I take WAYYYYY to many pics and waste SOOO much time doing this blog but it helps me remember what we have done, where we have been, what the kids are like since they change constantly AND it reminds me what I have to be thankful for.

So buckle up, I still have more random/boring posts from around here coming your way.... and our trip up North for Thanksgiving.
Tommy and I are off to Hawaii this week without the kids and I really want to get this thing up to date before we go. Wish me luck, I am going to need it!

Dirt Biking

So this is the upside of not having grass in the back yard yet.

The kids have been having a ball testing out all their crazy tricks on these little hills in the back.
It reminds me so much of growing up. I was to chicken to play in the dirt hills in our neighborhood but my older brother and sisters did.
here is the down side:

He was a trooper and got right back in the saddle again.
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Elim Valley

is right next to Hurricane.
I've always wanted to know what it was.... so I ignored the no trespassing signs and took my snoopy self out there.
I'm glad I did. It was beautiful. I just can't get enough of this beautiful erea that we live.
The kids have enjoyed out little outings. It helps us all feel like Southern Utah is our home.
When this happens I rush home and put her to bed and make the most of a good long nap. Sometimes I clean, most times I relax... and Blog or edit pics.
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Prince Owen

Owen got invited to a Princess/Prince Bday Party. I didn't have any prince costumes so I decided to just dress him up like a modern day prince.
Oh~ I love this Royal little man!
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Found this sweet spot on accident

Yeah!!! Now I have a place to take all my stale bread AND another fun free place to take the kids.

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Hurricane, UT

November 2010
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Chef Owen strikes again!

Captain crunch and cheese.
He even made one for his sis.
Yes, this is INCREDIBLY unhealthy and as soon as they were not looking I trashed it. But look how proud this boy looks after serving his sister such deliciousness.
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Big D

Is a softy!

Joey's friend Derrick patiently read to Lilia a book about self esteem. WHYYYYYY did I not take a video??? It was AWESOME!
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Boy+ specialized dance moves+ coffee table=

Why does this kinda crap happen when tommy is out of town???
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Wendy's is cheap but this is much cheaper!

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