Saturday, October 16, 2010

I spent a good chunk of Wed. morning cleaning out Lilia's closet.

Aunty Tonya and Georgie had 4 bags of clothes for Lilia who is just starting to go up to a 3T. I packed up 3 bags of clothes and passed them onto Marrissa who also gives us loads of boy clothes.
Lilia is so spoiled in the clothing department. Aunty Tonya keeps her looking cute and I just pray that Lilia does not pass up Georgie too soon.

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More pics from Enchanted Way

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Wed. Night

Joey had a football game and I am always the last to know any details like... where it's at and what time. JV game are not as scheduled as Varsity games.
Anyway~ I hate when games are on Wed because that means it Tommy can't come cause he is still out of town. I am also bummed cause it totally sucks getting the 3 kids ready and bags packed for them to be entertained for the whole 2+ hours.

Anyway, this night was especially taxing since the kids were DRIVING ME NUTS! I finally got us all loaded up and to the High School only to find the sprinklers on and not a sole in sight. It was an away game in Cedar. :(

The kids all cried and were so let down. i was mad that I had not gotten more info about the game and we all loaded back up into the car in a huff.

I found a park and unloaded the kids. They had so much fun. We stayed late into the night because I just couldn't bare the thought of heading back home after such a tough time trying to get us out the door.

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Joey's team killed Cedar. 49 to 7. They are undefeated and have their last game next week.
All's well that ends well.

After the park....

We got home and checked the mail. Grandma 'Iloa had sent something Halloween-y.....

... but we couldn't get into the dang box. :(
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