Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Christmas Eve

We headed to Aunty Rhonda's for Christmas Eve. THe kids were so excited to play. We had so much fun!
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Aunty Rhonda shares her testmony

Some had a hard time being reverant:

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Gifts for EVERYONE

Aunty Rhonda out did herself and got special gifts for all the kids. She is awesome and they loved EVERYTHING they got. Thank you so so much!
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She is amazing. Thanks for letting us join your beautiful family each year for Christmas Eve!

<3 <3 <3
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The kids saw Santa a few days before Christmas and he told them to leave some good cookies and whole milk, absolutely no skim milk.
The boys freaked out when all we had was 2 percent. Oh well, it was all we had.
They were so excited for Santa to come!
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Carrots for the reindeer

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Thanks to Steph Poff!

She made these cute Christmas Cards for us!
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"WAKE UP! Santa came!!!!!"

They slept in pretty late but eventually woke up and were SOOOO EXCITED!

Gotta brush your teeth and wash your face first!

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Santa's surprises.

He did something fun this year and left fun things all over the house!
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It was down right magical.

Our kids are at the BEST age EVER for Christmas magic!!!!
This was so much fun!
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We pulled off another year:)

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Heading outside to test out all the new stuff.

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Christmas Afternoon

The house was a bomb (as well ti should be for Christmas day!). Marissa and Bula and their cute family came over.

Tommy made some grub and the kids played their hearts out.

After we headed to their house and set up their Trampoline. The kids were really excited about that!
Then I headed to St. George airport to pick up Katie Vaioleti.
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We headed to SLC a few days before Chistmas.

I have this blog a little jumbled up. Here is my posts about heading there:
I am just trying to get this online journal blog up to date the best I can so I am not going to go back and change it.
We got back the night before Christmas Eve.

Always something fun to do at Grandmas

They love the toys, the arts and crafts...
And just hanging out with the people we love!

Carrie~ I know we saw you guys... but where are all the pics??? :( Sorry!
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Dad's sweet conch shell skills!

We were all impressed!

The best part about staying at mom and dads:

My dad always leaves love notes to my mom everyday. Sometimes we get in on the action and get a sweet note from him, too.
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