Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Today I took Lilia crib down.

*cry, cry, cry*
That was so sad!!! My little lady is getting bigger and doesn't need it anymore. I remember post pics of her room when I was pregnant with her. Man, time goes by way too fast.

Little Miss will be 18 months on Friday.
I can not believe she has only been here for a year and a half. I can't hardly remember what life was like before we had her.
Love you Lillsy Bills!

A few of my January Projects:

Being in Young Womens gives you a lot chances to get craft and cutesy.
I taught a lesson on Sunday about sharing the gospel. I gave this whole tray to one of the you can guess by the end of the lesson she shared them all with the class.
Did I mention I love being in Young Womens!!!

I was also in charge of the girls birthday gifts for the year. I decorated these cute boxes with scrapbook paper & ribbon (my current obsession).
I love when you get a big project done like this. It is so gratifying/exhausting .

These boxed are Birthday Breakfast in Bed Boxes.
Inside they are stuffed with instant oatmeal, apple cider and and mint. :) I can just see my husband rolling his eyes, right now! LOL

She thinks she's the Queen Bee...

but we know better!


The boys are each others best buds. They do most everything together. Many times I will find then just kicking back talking.

Ant Farm #3

Our family will pretty much stare at this for 20 minutes straight.
The ant farm starts off as a big block of green gel and the ants work their little tails off digging tunels. It's pretty cool. Carrie got one for William a few years back and like always, we have to bite their ideas:)What can I say, they do some pretty sweet stuff!

Owen is a giant. Lills loves to smash her face up an watch the little ants work.
Sorry Aunty Dre, I know this is gonna kill you since you HATE ants... but one of the ants is named after you. Sorry!


When I uploaded my pictures today it said there was 484 pictures to load.
Hmmmmm.... looks like the little monkeys got a hold of it.

He's a lover, not a fighter!

This little boys reminds me so much of myself when I was his age. He loves stuffed animals. Each and everyone are special to him. He tucks them all in at night and kisses them all goodnight. In the morning he is very quiet when he gets out of bed because he wants to let them sleep in. :) He's a sweetheart!

YW has had me a little busy this past month.

We just had out New Beginnings Program last Sunday. I had fun getting all this stuff ready for it.

Our theme was I Love To See the Temple since The Personal Progress Program is all about preparing the YW to enter the Temple.
Also, we went all out pink since that is another thing they are doing with the new program. Plus, it kinda goes with the Valentine-y/lovey thing going on this month.

Here is the invite, program and Personal Progress Tracker (those were my favorite to make!)
A big thanks to Hoku and Misi for translating the program into Spanish for me! Seriously, you rock!
The Spanish Branch meets with our YW and I love each and everyone of them. I even hate to say they are from the Spanish Branch cause they are all MY GIRLS!

Each girl (there are almost 30 girls total) got a tracker and had it filled out acording to all their accomplishments. It was very inspiring for me to see what they had done. I am so close, I need to FINISH!!!YW has been so much fun. I am finding it easier to balance my calling in YW, my job here on campus and my #1 calling~ being a mother and wife.
I really have to thank my husband for being so supportive while I am gone for large chunks of time serving.
I know it is hard but he is an awesome dad and always has something fun going on for the kids. Thanks you Tommy for supporting me in my callings. I love you so much!!!!

The first step in getting potty trained:

Is knowing the right place to poop.
Close but not quit!

The diaper basket is currently where our little bug goes when she is taking care of business. Maybe I should move the basket into the bathroom;).

I love this little stinker!