Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thinking about moving to Tonga

I've worked out about 1% of the details.

Tommy brought home some brochures that got me thinking and dreaming of what my dream home would be there.
or check out this short video:

Never really pictured myself as a "trailer park" kinda girl but i believe I am a "bloom where your planted" kinda girl.
I really don't think I could handle the reality of LIVING there but could handle it for like a month or two and then take it from there. Maybe a year or two... like a missionary that can call home whenever they want.

Things I have thought about:
I know they have Facebook there because I am able to chat with Tommy's cousin Kalo who lives there.
Pretty sure they don't have a Target and that would be pretty extreme for me.
where to live,
where to work,
where to school my children,
where to get all the cold hard cash to make a move like this.
WHEN would be go? next year, in two years, in five????

I hear lots of stories from people that visit or lived there. Sounds like a third world county and pretty rough but everyone that told me the stories has survived it. They are not dead. They actually have a lot of beautiful stories to offset the crazy ones. hmmmmm... I feel like I need to find out for myself. I've never been that kinda girl either~ the one that needs to do it to learn it. But for this,... it just fits.

Ideas that get me excited are:
down sizing,
living within my means,
"needing" less,
learning the other part of my "culture"
teaching my kids the other part of their culture
giving my kids a unique character building experience,
Seeing my husband where a tupenu (sp?) all the time,
trying something new,
learning something new,
unplugging from all my electronic dependencies,
finding out why my dad cries when he watched a beautiful taulunga (sp?) or while listening to someone speak his first language.
Seeing where he grew up, the land that shaped him,
praying about it, which would make it somewhat of a Real dream/hope...dare I say... goal.

Things that do not get me excited are:
third world living,
leaving my neighborhood with all the convenient shopping,
leaving good paying jobs for the unknown,
having to learn to psychically work hard- i'm an office kinda girl,
being REALLY far away from my family,
having cultural clashes,
depending on my husband to communicate to others,
learning a different language,
postponing my dream of owning a real home
extreme change can be hard on a marriage~ it could be a good thing or a bad thing,
possibly falling in love with yet another place that is far far away from a place I REALLY LOVE,
leaving all my craft stuff,
wondering what the shipping might be on Etsy.com or Roberts.com or Shopsei.com,
did I mention that I really hate bugs and the ones that bit~ I have really Palangi skin so i get eaten alive,
the long flight over there with 3 kids.
actually praying about something like this

Ever had a dream, a thought, a whim like this?

I did once. I thought about moving to Hawaii. Didn't think I could do it happen but thought about it.
It was my Grandmas birthday and we were at the JBs on Redwood and 7800 South.
I kinda just threw it out there into the conversation. My sister Carrie started the ball rolling. She is a problem solver and just started making suggestions and throwing out things for me to think about.
Long story short:

so I'm just putting it out there.............
I'm Thinking About Moving To Tonga.