Monday, January 17, 2011

Back to the Vimahis

I went back to spend the day with my Uncle and Auntie a few days before I left. Isn't he the cutest?
His hands are all balled up with arthritis so I took some time to rub them. I was shocked at how muscular his hands were for being so frail. He was such a hard hard worker!
I picked them up and he wanted to "go eva". Basically, he wanted to go cruise around in the car.

We got all loaded up and headed to town.
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We had so much fun. Most the time they forgot that I don't understand Tongan but we laughed a lot and somehow ended up in all the right places despite the language barrier.

First Stop in Honolulu

Was to this cute little shop so my Aunty Maile could buy some thing for her crafts and also some things for my dad.
It was so fun to look at all the mats and stuff in the shop.

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Next stop was to pick up some lunch for Uncle Inoke

They have some of them yummiest banana keke.

On the way back from town.

We stopped at their favorite fruit stand to pick up some cold cocnuts to drink. The owner of the shop gave them some free pinapple and I could tell they love these cute Tongans so much!
I picked up some Mochico chicken for Tommy and we headed back to the North Shore.
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Rainbow PreSchool

We dropped by to see my cousin Melenau.

Look how cute her granbaby is here below:
(That's Ray's baby)
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Sweetest Ladies!

They were getting some things together to send home to my dad.
Love you guys so much!!!!!!!
I had such a fun day!


True, it's raw fish BUT TRUST ME!!!! ~ It's to die for! Serioulsy yummy.
Oh,..... wish I had some right now!
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Visiting Grandma at work

She is the Health Nurse at Kahuku High.
Only in Hawaii can you work in bare feet! LOVE IT!

My kids think this is PRETTY AWESOME! What a cool gma!

I should have picked up a few of these to bring back to Joey, LOL!
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Hawaiian McDs

a few things that are not on the mainland menus:
*Coconut pies
*Portuguese Sausage
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Gaming with these two loosers.

Actually, I was the big looser! (I just don't cheat like these guys!!!!)
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This is the first time I went to Hawaii and didn't eat at L&Ls

I was about to but this sushi place was right next door.

Everyone else got a plate at L&Ls

But if I did eat at L&Ls I would have ordered the bbq chicken or the chicken katsu
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If your gonna be a tourist....

... you might as well look the part!
Looken good Uncle Jim!
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Pearl Harbor

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