Thursday, October 7, 2010

Been having so much fun decorating the house for Halloween

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Finally, I have a place to put all my stuff I have been saving "till I have a house". Yeah for the holidays!!!!!

A big thanks to all the storage bins that have been keep all my stuff safe since I bought my first Halloween decoration 13 years ago.Posted by Picasa

Beaded Halloween Wreath

I have been obsessing over all the cute wreath blogs out there. I fell in love with this one:

So I had to knock it off!!!

Thanks you Dollar Store for the foam wreath, DI for a big old bag of garland beads for a $1 and clearance orange spray paint from Ace Hardware.
I used a glue gun instead of pins like the blog I copied.

After it dried I used some black tule from one of Lilia's Rasta Tutu's and a cute piece for black and white ribbon I have had for ages.

Blog + Crafts= <3!!!!!

Ribbon Halloween Wreath.

So after making the spray paint wreath I caught the wreath bug. I made this one last night while getting caught up on the DVR.
PS I am loving the Office this season!
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