Thursday, September 9, 2010

The following set of posts are from Labor Day Weekend 2010

We had such a fun fun weekend. Lots of fun visitors and parties. Even had time for some relaxing with the fam. The whole weekend was perfect!!!

Thanks for all those that shared their time with up! Love you all!!!
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We got some fun visitors for the holiday weekend!

Aunty Dre!!! She makes my life easier!

Aunty Hoku!!!! She entertained these crazies so I actually got to sleep!

Thanks for coming down you guys. Love you so much!
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Dre brought the Wii.

The kids were consumed by it!!!

These guys let the little kids play before they took over.
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Tommy drove the football team on his semi

O dogg got to drive up with his Papa. He loved it but not the loud horn

That's Odoggs cute shaka!
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The Hurricane High Football Team

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Got lots of goodies at the parade

What a great thing to hand out during a hot parade!

Starry eyed.
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"can I get a BIG yeehaw"
Hurricane has a rugby team. Who knew?
Cutest country family ever: Slack Family!
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Breakfast at the Busches

Best idea EVER~ Breakfast after the parade. LOVE IT!
Lills chattin up the cook.

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Boy oh Boy!

The boys after the parade

What is with these boys and all their accesories.???
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Small town living....

This is what Tommy and I saw outside our great room window. Yep~ Owen's twin just a trotten on by.

This is actually our cute neighbor and Owen's teachers son. Go figure. we think they look so much a like!

*the boy not the horse. LOL
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Peach Days

Navajo Tacos and Tamales in a Can. Cotton Candy and Catus Twisters. I didn't get any pictures of all the food and shoppin but I got some of the people I love!
Lillsy waiting for her daddy to get there!
Me and my OC Bear
The girls
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Why don't I ever take any pics of the best party of the year?


Jim and Susie Stanworth have the greatest party for Peach Days. Tommy and the boys do a Umu (underground oven) the night before and stock it full of yummy pork and beef.
Tommy made teri BBQ chicken and Aunty Susie made all the best side and desserts you could ever want!

....That's maybe why I have no pictures of it:( Booo!!!

It's a shame too because Aunty Susie got throw in the pool a few times. Those guys are so much fun and so good to us.

Hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend!

Dinner Convo

Owen~ "Remember, I gave you my heart?"

Me, "Yes, thank you. I love it!"

Owen~" Well, I want it back. "

:( ouch!


Lilia, "I WANT FOOD!"...." FOOD!"..."I WANT FOOD"... "Do it, Mama, Do it!"

I think someone is going through a growth spurt.