Thursday, January 6, 2011

Getting the house ready for mom and dad

Since Tommy and I were heading to Hawaii without the kids. Mom and dad agreed to come down and take over our schedule and man the house and kids while we were away. It was a big job. I really wanted to make things a little easier on them and give them a few clues so they could adjust to a new kitchen. It's hard enough to cook with little kids around....add the extra task of locating the cooking tools you need and things could get hairy.

I wanted to more to make life easier for them while we were gone but we had some unexpected family emergency to handle. Little did mom and dad know they would be walking into an emotional landmine.
The few days Tommy and I were home between Thanksgiving up North and vaca in Hawaii were pretty bad. Tommy's sister was having her usual drama and it seems to demo the whole family. It's been hard to see Tommy hurting and effected by her . The time he spent trying to be a good brother and subjecting himself to the crap the swirls around her life totally effected our little family, too. When I look back at this year I am shocked at how her drama and problems spilled over into so many family members lives. It sad and maddening!

BUT This year had so many great moments that kept us a float. Having Joey live with us and getting to know him better and see him achieve so much has been rewarding.
Buying a new home has been so awesome and being able to achieve one of our life goals was huge for us.
Nifae started Elementary school and Owen started Preschool. Both pretty major things for our family.
Lilia got potty trained and Owen took off the training wheels on his bike.
Nifae learned to tie his shoes (for a family that only wears slippers, this is pretty major).
Joey and his Hurricane High school football team made it to the State Championship game. Then he finished the 2nd quarter of his sophomore year with a 3.8 GPA.

It's been a remarkable year for our family, despite the black cloud that has been looming over head.

I am sad that I didn't get everything in order for mom and dad but I am so grateful to them for all their love and support. Not just for coming down to help us with the 4 kids (well, and Kristy, Tommy's niece too )but also for loving and supporting me through such a turbulent year. I could have never made it through it with out you and your prayers. Love you mom and dad!