Friday, September 10, 2010

Birthday Boy celebrates at school

Nifae had such a special day on Friday. It was the short day at school and he got to celebrate his birthday most of the time.

The class sang Happy Birthday to him and he got a special present from Mrs. Sorensen.

He also got to bring a special treat to share with the class. He chose his favorite treat: Oreo's and Milk

His class is so cute! I was WAY excited cause I got to stay the whole day (Love having Tommy home on Fridays!). Mrs Sorensen saw some of the crafty things I have done and gave me the job of decorating her big bulletin each month. I am so excited to get this rolling. I finished putting up the bulletin she had started but can not wait to get my hands started on Novembers!!

As per usual, when Nifae got home he let Lilia have some of the left over cookies and milk.
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Again~ why is her messy bum not in the KITCHEN??????????

August 27, 2010