Tuesday, March 9, 2010

When life gives you Mud.... make Mud Pie!

It's been rainy and cold all week. I kept the boys in as long as I could. Today they came to their breaking point so finally let them go outside.
They made a Bee Line straight for the mud:
Don't dish it if you can't take it!
Take that!


This boy was dressed in a Halloween shirt, winter coat, Nike Bball shorts, moon boots and a beard. Now that's how you tackle a mud puddle with style!
Shaka, bra! Or his version of that. LOL


Nice sideburns!
He managed to keep all his clothes on but looked like he almost drown in quick sand.

Brothers for life!

This picture cracks me up!!! They look like zombies in a scary movie.


Um, no thank you!!

Just add water...
...to this, too.

Then let soak.

Wishing they could do it all again. No way!

And it begins...

So help me!
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Fun Dips:

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