Thursday, August 23, 2012

Greart Aunt Junes Piano

I grew up playing on this piano and my mom grew up playing on this piano. It was my Great Aunt June's piano and from what I hear, she was pretty spectacular. She could read notes and play by ear.
I however can read notes but took a 14 year break from reading notes and found that... it is not like riding a bike.


This piano is so special to my family. I can not wait to pass it onto one of my kids on day.
Feb. 2012
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Crazy Hair Day March 2012

was pretty crazy

March 2012
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Joey turns 17

It had been one year since Joey has been in the Emergency Room for losing all kinds of blood from him tonsils  being removed. He is healthy and happy and taller.

He wanted to go to Texas Roadhouse for his bday dinner and he ate stake and shrimp and ribs until he could hardly breath. 

He spent the rest of the day with friends and then brought them all back home for some cheese cake (his favorite) and yellow cake with Chocolate frosting that he has asked me to make 3 years in a row. 

Happy 17th Birthday Joe!
March 2012
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Cougar Creation winners.

My boys totally rocked  at the school art contest

Owen won a gold and a a first place.

Nifae won two gold.

Sister rocking their bling.

Proud proud proud of these talented boys. 

So, I just realized that I do not have pics of their projects on my camera. I better pull them of fb and post them here. 
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Meleame and Paul

Tommy's cousin Paul and his family came and stayed on their way back from Vegas. It was so so great to have them visit for the first time and hope it is the first on many!

Kids had a ball with their cousins from the 'Iloa side

Feb 2012

Love you guys!
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Sunday Funday


Gotta get a family pic in every once and a while. 

And that folks~ is what post church looks like at our house.
Jan 2012
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Home work looks like this:

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Joey and Kelani
Jan 2012