Sunday, December 13, 2009

Relections of Christ convo

The boys and I were watching that video Reflections of Christ last week. (per Steph's blog:)

The boys had so many questions that I had to continue to pause and explain the different scenes and images. I also had to suppress my urge to snip, "JUST WATCH !" I'm still learning this patient mom thing.
It got to the part where Christ is surrounded my the men and looks beaten down. Then it goes to the Cross.

Anyway, Owen was horrified.

Owen, "Why the being so mean?"

"Why they want to kill Him?"

"Why they do that? Jesus Christ is a good guy."


I realized that I have never had a conversation with him about this part of Christ's life in detail.
As I explained that He was scared but He knew what was going on and knew that Heavenly Father would help him. He wanted to do it for all of us so that we could live with our Father in Heaven again. (trying to figure out how and what info to give a 3 year old).

Owen, "that makes me happy. He so nice for us."

"Those mean guys not supposed to!"

This conversation took me by surprise a little bit. I was wondering if maybe I shouldn't have shown him this video and if he was too young. It was interesting and touching to see this through his eyes for the first time. Reminds me of how I should feel and be more reverent about what our Lord and Savior did for us.
There are times when motherhood is difficult but this is one moment that was a precious gift to me. Thank you Owen for reminding me of all that Christ went though for me.
I love Him (Christ) and him (Owen).

Living Scripture Video Convo

I over heard this conversation while standing in the hall listening to the boys play in their room. I'm guessing that Owen found one of our Living Scripture Videos.

Owen~ "This show is boring!"

Nifae~" No, it's not. It's about Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father."

Owen~" Oh yeah, I like dem guys."

Nifae~" That's the one where Jesus kills him own self for all of us."

Owen~" killed. oh yeah, that's sad."

Nifae~ "it's ok cause He still lives with Heavenly Father."

Sounds like I need to go over some of the details but I am so happy that they are gaining their own knowledge of Christ. This little convo made me so happy. I REALLY hope that when they do find it boring that they can always remember the importance of Christ in our lives.

Just had write this down so when they are teenagers I can make them read it over and over when they try to skip church or other shenanigans!