Saturday, August 14, 2010

home sick.

Lila has had bouts of homesickness. See told me everyday last week that she wants to go home. :(
Owen has had a feel tinges of sadness and wondering what Kathy or the yard guys are up to.

I commented about this on FB and the new Resident Manager invited us back.The kids were so happy. Lilia bounced around the whole place and just beemed the whole time.

It was fun to go back and I am so happy we have so many friends still there. We had so many great times there!
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Joey before the youth conf. dance.

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Subbing the cutest kids in primary.

I havn't been to primary since I was in primary. It was..... interesting. LOL
Tommy is way better than I am with the kids. HEHE~ but these kids were really cute.
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Dedicating our house.

We waited for my parents to get here before we dedicated our house. Tommy did such a great job and we hope our home will be filled with the Spirit and lots of love through out the years. He reminded us of the scriptures and picture of Christ that we burried in the entry way and encouraged us to think of that everytime we came into our home. We plan on having many good times here in this home with our family.
backrow: Mom, Lilia, Tommy, Joey, Dad
front row: Owen, Nifae and Kennedy
Team 'Iloa Aug. 2010

High School Football begins...

They got pads and helmets this day. Go Joeman!
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Girly Girls!

Kennedy and Lilia
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She's thinking about it...

But her mom doesn't want to think about it. I know how lame it is to sprint through every store or having to drive like a wild woman to the nearest structure with a public bathroom.
I'm not being super serious about it so we will see where we go from here.
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dressed for the job.

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Our first big rain... and our first swimming pool~

mud angels!
It's so fun to have Kennedy in town. The kids all adore her... almost as much as I do!
I was not about to let them walk through our new house all muddied up. Here is their preshower:)
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