Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bye bye stress!

Last month was a little stressful for our family. The kids were starting to feel the stress too so I started to think outside the box of where we could go to escape.
Quail Lake is much better than McDonald's playland!
The kids skipped rocks and had so much fun hearing their echos. Owen yelled out, "Hi Jesus!" He cracks me up.
The echo is really loud if you are close to the dam.
We love this place so much the we actually went twice in one week. We also went to the sand dunes at Snow Canyon. The kids really needed to get out in nature... and so did I.
We are very lucky to live so close to so many beautiful places!

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Lilia has been picking her own outfit lately.

She love dresses and the boys clothes and doesn't thing twice about combineing them . She is a doll in what ever she wears.
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"What are bones?"

Today Nifae came home from school and had lots to say.

He gave us a run down of who was there, what they played and what the snack was.
As always, Owen and Lilia are his captive audience.

A little after his run down I heard him talking to Owen,
"Yeah, I broke my bone today."

Owen, "UhOh................................................what's a bone?"

Nifae, "It's the things inside your body."

Owen, "Oh.... I have bones!"

N, "Well, I broke mine."

O, "Sorry, brother. That's sad."

N, "It's OK. Bryson and I just went inside to relax my bones. When you go to school you can relax your bones, too, if they break."