Tuesday, September 6, 2011

LAst week testimony

Last week, during song, scripture and prayer, Tommy bore his testimony to the family. After he asked us to share ours. Owen went first and it was a beautiful testimony for a 5 year old. He told about loving our family and sharing and being nice. Then he warned us about being mean and to say sorry. He is so cute.
Nifae was very emotional when Tommy and Owen bore their testimonies. When it was his turn I thought he might have a hard time emotionally but he pulled himself right together. He bore the most amazing and mature testimony I have heard. At 7 years old he told us that he knows and loves Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. He said he knows the Holy Ghost will help us whenever we need it. He said that the HG will help us to feel happy or help us when we are scared. He bore testimony of prophets and missionaries. He expressed his love for us and told us that he knew the scripture are true and that they help us.
'The spirit was so strong. He spoke with so much surety. Tommy, Joey and I all looked at each other to see if everyone was hearing this.
We were all just blown away. I have never heard such a young person share such a strong testimony with so much conviction.
I can not begin to describe the joy I felt when I heard this or when I think about it. Nifae at the age of 7 has such a powerful testimony. And Owen is right in line spiritually with where Nifae was at his age.
They both amaze me and are such awesome examples to me.

totally out of the blue

So I have been a subscriber to BabyCenter.com for over 7 years now. It's this crazy awesome (free) site that will update you weekly when you are pregnant and will tell you everything you need to know about what your baby is doing that week and what is normal for you and your body that week. I read the updates religiously when I was pregnant with Nifae and it was WAYYYYYYY better than the book What To Expect when Expecting. After the baby is born it updates you on what your child should be doing and what is normal or what to look out for. I loved to read all of them weekly. Then after a year monthly updates about what my child could/should do. When I got pregnant with Owen I read them all over again and Tommy and I enjoyed comparing the 2 pregnancies. By the time I had Lilia I was just reading the short snippets of all 3 kids.

ANYWAY~ I sometimes read them to Tommy just to keep him up to-date on what the kids can do or somethings we should work on.
Today we were driving down the road and I was reading them to Tommy like I have done many times. Here is what I was reading:

Talking like a pro
Most 7-year-olds speak clearly – and often! Many of the speech impediments (such as lisps) that affect the speech of younger kids disappear this year as fine-motor control of the tongue and mouth matures. Newly minted 7-year-olds can hold their own verbally with much older kids.

So I get to this point and I am totally fine.... but then I read the next line~

They have a vocabulary in the thousands of words and understand still more.

Nothing major right? wrong, I just lost it and start to cry. It totally shocked me and Tommy was looking at me like I was an alien. What in the world was I crying about???

Well, I just remember his first word, "Ball" and how he would say "ba" and the first time he said "Mama" and "Papa" and I remember writing down all the words he knew. How in the world did we jump from that to my little baby having a vocabulary in the thousands?? When exactly did that happen? I was so shocked that tears were running down my face.

I don't know why I felt the need to blog this but here I am. I just can't believe how fast time goes by. I love my kids so much and love to know and see what they can do. I love to see them grow and change but I really really really miss my little babies. Sometimes I get stuck in front of the computer scrolling through their pictures or playing little snippets of videos we took forever ago. It just goes by to fast!