Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Jiffy Pop

This is a first for my kids.
Haha~ look at O's face.
He quickly changed his mind.

After everyone went home after Conf. Weekend. We found this in the pantry:

Pretty sure it was left by Aunty Carrie.
Thanks for doing that cause we needed something interesting to do on this rainy Wednesday.

Saturday morning session of General Conf.

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So exited to have family in town.

The kids hung out outside while the adults took over the house:)
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I {heart} Kathy and David!

They brought us out 5 hay bales so we could do some decorating for fall. These guys are so generous. WE LOVE YOU GUYS and miss seeing you everyday!!!!

The kids love it!
I have had a total attack of hay fever since it has been here. Also, the crazy wind and rain has made it difficult to get it all decorated how I want. Wish me luck for this up coming week!
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Night games with the cousins!

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wok'in and talk'in

Tommy fired up the wok for some Garlic Shrip and Fried Rice.

William searved up drinks to the kiddos
This pick above reminds me of back in the day when we used to Wok it up in Carrie's garage. That was pre kids.
The Stanworths dropped by <3
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Everyone (including me) is in love with Baby Henry!!!

Lills showed Kesaia and Will around the house since it was their first time here.
So fun to chat with Carrie while we wait for dinner to get done!

The rest of the wagners and Kesaia rolled into town Friday night.

then the party got into full swing!!!

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Baking with the boys...

Char can break an egg like a pro
Nifae has his own method:
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like a queen how this girl gets treated when grandpa and grandma are around!
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Game time

Joey's team played Diamond Valley's varsity team. It was the closest game so far this season. something like 9 to 15.
It was fun to sit with mom so she could tell me a little about the game. I am so clueless but I go cause I wanna support Joey.

I was really happy she went. Mom and Teuila have been the only family members to come out to a game. I know it means so much to him.
Oh, and Charlie~ Thanks for coming Char!
This was extra special for my boys to show up with Grandma!
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Dinner after the game.

Grandpa is such a goof!
We came home to a a wonderful meal made by dad.
This pictures are not the great but you get the idea!

Scripture Power

One of my favorite things about visitors is having someone new read the scriptures at night. During the weekend we got to hear from mom, dad, Uncle Aaron and Aunty Carrie. I like my kids to see and hear their extended families testimony and know that they share a very special thing, a belief in Christ, with the people they love.
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