Sunday, February 21, 2010

Our Family Tree:

I made these trees for our parents this year for Christmas. Each leaf has a family members name and date of birth. I want to make one for me but with the roots exposed. And have the family members that have gone on before us on each root. Just an idea that will probably stay in my head and never actually come out to play. LOL
Anyway, I fully stole this idea from a post I saw @ www.crapi' and she stole it from another blog. I put my own spin on it but love to get inspiration from other places. hmmmm, I've been getting lots of "inspiration". I hope the original bloggers don't mind.
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Count your many blessings.... them one by one.
I made these for a few loved ones this year for Christmas. I have this little one sitting in my office. I need a little reminder every once in a while of how abundant my blessings are!!!
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Wish I was here right now!

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miss'en grandma!

This picture was taken at my moms house this winter. The boys talk about them weekly.
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out of towners...

Hine and fam came to the Geezy. We missed her bday;( but got to see her at church!

Tommy loves to catch up with his Hau'ulagans!
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Couch Potato!

this is what happened to all the holiday left overs. NOT GOOD!!!!
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