Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Super Special Star Helper

Tuesday was a big day for The Team 'Iloa boys.
Nifae was the Super Star for the week in his class. I totally forgot that Monday he was supposed to take a poster about himself. (Uber Lame!) Anyway, I got one thrown together. I was most definitaly not happy with my work but I hade to get it done ASAP.

It says that he loves Jesus Christ, the scriptures, the ocean, the snow, hockey, rodeos, friend and family.

This was some fun facts about our little guy...if you can read that.
When I dropped off Nifae and Malika at school Nifae was struggling with the poster. Malika was so cute and they both grabbed a side and carried it in together. They are adorable!

O Dizzle with the Fizzle (i.e. Orange Crush)

Owen's was the Special Helper for preschool. It was orange day and so he took Orange Crush and Cheetos.
I already shared a story a few posts down about his super burpy soda. Here he is after he finally downed the last of it.
He came in a plopped right down on my laundry pile and totally zoned out. The excitement and burps had completely worn him out.

Mean while Little Miss Lilia was getting into the left over Cheetos. While I finished the laundry under Owen's bum Lilia was busy doing this to my clean sheets:
Grrrrrrrr!!!!!! Why is she the only one that doesn't get the FOOD STAYS IN THE KITCHEN rule???

ANYWAY~ Tuesday was a fun day for the boys. I got a call from O's teacher today and she told me what a sweet, respectful, great helper he is. <3 style="margin: 0px auto 10px; text-align: center;">
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Kids dinner all the way!

Nifae, Owen, Lilia, Malika, Jonah. <3 them!
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When the cats away.. the mice will play

Caught O watching cartoons in Joey's room.

Luckily, Joey doesn't mind since he is gone 90% of the time with school and football.
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Found these pics on my phone from the dorms.....

Seems like a life time ago that we lived there. I can't believe it was just 2 months ago!!!
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Lilia wearing Nifae's Shoes.

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Someone needs to learn some table manners!

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Lots of funny little bits floating through this house the past couple weeks.

"Super Burpy"

Owen was the Special Helper for Preschool which means he got to bring the treat. The color was orange so we took. Orange Crush and Cheetos.

After school I picked him up and all the kids had their bottles and were finishing them off.
O jumped in the car and told me how much everyone liked the drink. Mid-sentence he let out a full blown man burp.
It totally shocked him. And me.

"Wow, this soda is Super burpy.....I LOVE IT!"

"Worry 'bout Your Own Self"

Nifae, being the oldest, is very helpful when it comes to being my eyes and ears around the house. The flip side to that is that he is a major tattle tell. I have started telling him to worry about himself and what he is doing and not what his brother or other people are doing....

Nifae and Owen were brushing their teeth together in their bathroom.
They are each giving a play by play as they brush.:
"Owen is putting toothpaste on his toothbrush."
"Nifae turned on the water."
"Owen is brushing his top teeth."
Nifae missed the sink and Commentator Owen stated the fact, "Nifae is making a mess."
Nifae retorted, "Worry 'bout your own self not about myself."

"Haha Sc-EEEE-ared Ya"

Lilia was in some kinda dorky mood this morning. I was cleaning up breakfast while she was sitting at the island. I was 2 feet away from her and she goes,
"Ah..Boo! Hahahahahaha, Sc-EEEE-ared ya!"
She thought it was the funniest thing on did I, that is why I am blogging it, duh!

"Man of the House"

Owen has been so upset that he only has school 2 times a week. It about kills him everytime Nifae leaves for school without him.
Nifae was trying to console Owen Monday morning and told him,

"Owen, you need to stay home for Mama and Lilia. Since I am gone for school you need to be the man of the house."