Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Road Tripp'en

Last month we went to Phoenix, Arizona to visit Tommy's cousin and his family. We had SO much going on right before we left. Work stuff, tying up a bunch of loose ends for Joey... and trying to get all our house stuff in order. We had to leave a day late because we had soooo much to do. I thought we almost wouldn't make it.

BUT WE DID and it was AWESOME!

The drive there was actually a lot of fun. I didn't pack a single snack or toy. I had so much anxiety about the whole thing but the kids did great. Joey is so much fun and so he made the trip awesome (not to mention how great it was to have a extra set of hands!)

The kids had a great time, too. We stopped somewhere a few hours into it and loaded up of stuff at a convenient store.

Lills really liked that part. It helped us make it thought the end of the trip!
It was so fun when we got there! Alani and Christy are THE HOSTESS' with the MOSTEST!
They had everything planed for us and it was CRAZY fun. I have to find the CD they made us of Easter and swimming..... but here are these pics for now:
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Alani and Dee treated us to this fun amusement park.

Castles and Coasters.
The kids were climbing the fences to get inside. They were so excited!

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log flume

Somebody was not a fan:(
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cute cousins!

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round and round and round...

We all loved this ride!
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Little Lills. She is such a good girl.
I love this pic above! So so tender! Sweetest brother and sister waiting in line for a ride.
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This ride totally freaks me out!

I can not believe our 5 year old niece and nephew went on this... multiple times. EEEk! They are so brave!
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You are my sunshine..

Ok~ so one of these thing is not like the other... but all these pics were on my camera when I uploaded pics. Everyone got a lot of sun this weekend!
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playing dead...

The room cleaning issue/drama/saga continues....

late night cruise

When the kids wont settle down we cruise the campus. By the time we get back home they are ready to knock out. Love it!
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