Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Troy's BBQ

We had some errands to hit in St. George. We tried out a new place and it was a pleasant surprise. Are we the last to know about this great place? The Pulled Pork Nachos were to die for!

the kids thought it was so cool how they bbq/smoke/what ever they do to make it yummy.
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10 hour lay over in St Geezy????

The beautiful Rachel Deegan.... Runge.... came to town and we got to spend the day basking in her amazing spirit and talents.
She graced us with her baking skills. She and Tommy made Half Moon Pies (her grandma's pineapple pies). They were Ridiculously Yum coming hot out of the oven making our house smell like pina colada

I don't know why people visit us... we always put you to work.

Helpers were in no shortage here. And no, ketchup was not an ingredient in the pies.
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Rach, we love you more than words. I consider you one of my dear dear friends! Thanks you for everything. We LOVE you!
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Thanks Aunty Rach!

(not the ex Aunty Rach but Tommy's cousin, Aunty Rach... there is a BIG difference!LOL)
Anyway, thanks for the good reads for the kiddos. You know just want they needed. Books and Red Vines.! <3 style="MARGIN: 0px auto 10px; TEXT-ALIGN: center">

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"H" Town

Before Hurricane High School Homecoming:
After Hurricane High School Homecoming:

Ifer, Ifer, Ifer. (only girls that went to girls camp will know what that is all about.... well maybe tommy but he wishes he didn't know what I was talking/singing about!)
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We like to Party Party

So happy we bought a house in THE cul de sac. Our neighbors are the best!

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our circle ROCKS!

Don't go! She loved ALL of our neighbors... so does her mom, dad and brothers!

After School

K, so my whole life I have looked forward to the whole after school routine with my kids... that and doing their hair. Baahaha....

I have always thought I would have some baked deliciousness coming right out of the oven upon their arrival. Or even better, some kind of health snack cleverly disguised as a funny face or fun shape... most likely coinciding with the color/shape/ letter/ number they learned that day.
While they are consuming their After School Treat we would discuss their day. Kids at school, teachers, curriculum, likes, dislikes, etc. Then I would get them all cleaned up and have a nice snuggle with them. After that we would check the chore chart and get that all taken care of then sit down for homework time. Playtime while I cook dinner and then baths, teeth brushed, song, scripture, prayer and into bed for a bedtime story. Lights out and looking forward for the next day to start.

Anyway, I really did spend lots of time planning this all out. Can you tell?

The time has finally come.


I totally suck at it.

See that green bowl? It has microwave popcorn in it. Seriously, Megan... that's all you got? LAME!
Seconds after arriving home from school my kids want to play at the neighbors house. which is just fine.. it's just that that is not supposed to happen until I start cooking dinner.

Anyway, I really am mad at myself for not being more of the mom I thought I would be.
The sad (uber lame) thing is... I have the time. I have the stuff and the ability... but I just don't do it.

I am currently averaging about 50% of the things on my ideal plan. I would be happy with 80%. I need to step it up! I can do it... I just need to DO IT.
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Thank you Costco

Nifae spent a good 1/2 hour working on making a home for Fresco (his puppy. a stuffed puppy... not like a real puppy that has been stuffed but like a fake puppy that is stuffed. Get it? Got it? K, Good!

Anyway, Yay for Costco boxes that double as a fun project.
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it's gonna be hard for this girl... find a guy that treats her anywhere close to the way the guys in her life treat her now.

She is the best kind of spoiled. Not too sassy but ultra loved and adored.
Hope she never settles for anything less that what she deserves.

**** K, So you know this blog is all my thoughts and memories. More of a record of events and journal. Anyway~ I just realized that after I typed all that stuff that it was pretty morbid to write about Lilia getting married and trying to compare her future husband to her brothers and dad. Is that super creepy? If so, sorry~ it wasn't meant to be!
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Saying goodbye to Aunty Dre:(

I just found this pic. Love you Aunty Dre! Thanks for coming!
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Can you tell it was green day at school?

This kid always keeps a smile on my face!
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"Supa Tall"

Owen always says he wants to be "supa tall like Nifae". I have to laugh cause O is very tall for his age but it's hard to keep up with your bro who is two years older than you. I can not wait to see how tall they end up getting.
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I gotta give credit where credit is due...

Dinner is so much better when Tommy is around!

Tommy had some Steak and Pork Chops marinated for Carrie's visit but they had to leave before dinner time:( She missed out!

PS I can't wait for Tommy to roll into town tomorrow!
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Tuesday Night

On Tuesday nights Joey has Young Mens. I don't know if it just me but our church in FOREVER AWAY. I decided we would go play in the sand dunes by Sand Hollow while we waited for Joey to get done with his priesthood duties.
The kids were a good sport about snapping pics in between roaming the hills and digging in the sand.
I can't believe how lucky we are to live in this beautiful, unique place!
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