Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Farewell Good Friend

Odogg's hermit crab , Puppy, passed away.

O was so sad.....

...and a little freaked out.

It was a nice service. I should upload the video because it is HILAR!

RIP Puppy!
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Family picnic at the kids school

The kids had a blast showing off thier playground and friends and I had a great time hanging out with my friends. I Love living in Hurricane!!!!!! I should have taken pics of the kids with thier teachers but i only got this one of them with Mr. Lowe. He was the school councilor last year and Nifae just totally took a liking to him. He taught the kindergarten about fitness and life skills. We are missing him so much this year!!!!!!!!!!
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Joey's Homecomging 2011

There was a little mix up and 1/2 of his group didn't get back in time from the day date. So everone else met at our house as planned.

Joey and his good friend Shaun picking up their dates.

So much effort went into this dance....and it was a big let down for Joey. I was a little sad this was his first formal dance expierience but oh well. He was a good sport and moved on quickly.

Sept 2011
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Our family!

Sep 2011
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