Friday, February 25, 2011

Rugby begins

Joey's sophmore year.
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Lills always rolls with a bodyguard

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I got my first lesson on buzzing little boys hair.

It was way fun!
Tommy freaked out a little and took over quite a bit. He doesn't trust that I can do as good a job as him and right now he is right... give me a few years and I'll show him!
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Wow, 2 tv post in a row....


"I'll never let my kids watch that much tv!"

Famous last words!

After a grueling 3 weeks of nonstop sickness in this house the tallies are in:

1-Strep (Joey)
2- Flu (Tommy and Me)
1- RSV (Lilia)
3- Major cold, coughs and fevers (Me and the boys)
1-Ear infection (Lilia)
2- Bronchitis (Tommy and Kristy)
1- Surgery to remove Tonsils and Adenoids (Joey)

So that pretty much sums up our month here.

Needless to say there was QUITE a bit of TV watching going on!!!!!!!!!! When I finally came out of the nasty sick haze, I uploaded the pictures to find 40 million pics of the Noggin Channel. Also, there were quite a few pics of sick people sleeping, including about 25 of me. Those will NOT be included here!
I really should have added a picture of Walgreens since they pretty much took our Feb. paycheck. Also, can I just say... I AM SO OVER CO-PAYMENTS! Dr. office, and prescriptions, over the counter meds. O.V.E.R. I.T.!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soooooo Over it all!
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