Sunday, March 20, 2011

It DOES NOT make my heart sing

********Warning~ this post and the next one contain unappealing matters. Consider yourself warned. **************

So last week our family had been coming off a 4+ week long plague of sorts. Between the 2 adults, 1 teenager and 3 munchkins we had a whole slew of sickness stringing from the common cold to pneumonia (leaving out a major ER visit and a throat being cauterized). Needless to say, we were all sick of being sick and our whole paycheck seemed to go straight to the pharmacology and Dr's.

As everyone was finishing up their antibiotics the mood was definitly lifting in the house. I was looking forward to hanging up my nurse hat and putting down the disinfectant spray.
Tommy was out of town and I was trying to wrap things up for the day so that we could all hit the sack.

Nifae and Owen were in my shower while I got Lills ready for bed.
Nifae came running in (sopping wet) and was screaming, "Owen's throwing up!"
I rushed in to see 1/2 of my shower (That I had just cleaned less that 24 hours before) covered in barf. And the poor kid looking sick and scared.
Just so you know I am not the designated barf cleaner-upper BUT the guy who is was a few hundred miles away.
To make matters a little more complicated, Owen is a sight and smell barfer. The kids can eat a peanutbutter, catsup and cheese sandwich but the sight or smell of anything he deems nasty will make him loose his stomach. Knowing this about the boy~ I grabbed him out of the barf and moved him to the clean part of my shower so I could rinse him off and get him out of there. Before I had a chance to get a single drop of water on him he threw up again. ALL OVER the other 1/2 of the shower. Yeah~ I wanted to die (so did he). It was so gross.
I had him face the wall and told him to close his eyes and hang on while I rinsed him off. 1.4 seconds later he unloaded while standing 2 inches from the shower wall.
At this point I am cursing the decision to let him have licorice earlier. And where in the world did all this food come from? How is he still throwing up food at this point?????

I grab Owen and lift him into my tub to get him out of barf covered shower. I calm him down. I start rinsing him off then made the MAJOR mistake of asking him what made him so sick. Just the very thought of it made him throw up again. ALL OVER MY TUB.

I eventually got this boy cleaned up and he ended up taking a bath in their bathroom while I clean up the nastiness that was my bathroom.
It was pretty gross. After an hour of scrubbing and sanitizing it all got cleaned up.
Owen was calmed down enough to discuss the problem.
I asked him what made him so sick and he said with a utterly disgusted look on his face, "There was a hair on my thumb."


FOR REAL?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


It ALSO does not make my heart sing!

The other day Lilia slapped her tiny little hand on my nose and said the very next second, "Smells like poop."

ECK! Yes, I agree... ECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Without missing a beat she says, "Proll-a-ly (probably) from my bum."

After a shower/ half a bar of soap and a good old fingernail clipping....I still can't get it out of my head. *shutter*!