Friday, May 21, 2010

This is what the kids did today:

92 degrees in hurricane, ut. Enjoy it before it hits the hundreds.
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boy oh boy...

This is not a great pic but I had to snap a shot of this girl in her brothers clothes. She is wearing Nifae's Bball shorts and Odoggs robot shirt. It was such a huge change for this girly little thing.
She wore it all day last week.
It made me laugh because she looked EXACTLY like Nifae at that age.
Oh, I love her so much.
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I miss these girls!!!!

We all do!
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Snack time looks like this:

The other day I was putting Lilia to sleep and I told the boys they could get their own snack. When I came out I found this.

Milk in a mug, bendy straw with cheese stick garnish... and oreos for dipping.
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