Sunday, November 14, 2010

Next Iron Chef!

Oh, what a little cutie!
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Storytime with Daddy!

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Aunty Dre's in town!

My sister Dre and her friend Jessica came in town for a short visit on their way to Vegas to see the Utah Grizzlies play Hockey.
It's always so fun to have her here!
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Techno take over

It seems when anyone with a cool phone comes to our house the kids go crazy. The LOVE anything techno!

Aunty Dre did read some good old books and they LOVED that, too!
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Lemon Chicken Dinner

Tommy got home from SLC and made this AWESOME dinner for us.
Oh, I wish I had some of that now!!!!
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Pedicures before Vegas

Here was my little thank you to Dre for bringing the Wii and entertaining my kids.
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A little Wii after dinner

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More from our best neighbors EVER!

Amanda and Whitney brought over this AWESOME choc cake. They are as sweet as this cake!
Their sister brought us over some yummy cake the week before. They are the best!
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Yeah for Aunty Dre~!

The next morning Aunty Dre and Jessica saved the day and took the kids to McD's while I worked on Nifae's class school board.
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This is what I got done while Dre took the kids.

A gobble gobble...
And a hungry pilgrim:)
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Saying Goodbye to Aunty Dre and Jessica

They are off to see the Utah Grizzlies play in Vegas. GO GRIZ!
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November Board for Nifae's class

I took O dogg with me to help. He ended up being a huge help and LOVED being at his big bros schol.
He picked up all the staples I tore off the old board with this magnet thing. That kept him busy for 45 minutes straight.

The finished product:
Here is a peek in Nifae's class. It happened to be Pajama Day.
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#1 choreman!

The kids have a special way they do chores. I have these cards with all the chores on them. They each choose a card with out knowing what chore is on the other side.
They always fight over who gets more. I am just waiting for the day to come where they realize that you don't want more chores. But....that day has not come.

Anyway, our cute neighbor boy says he loves chores. He is one of the best cleaners this house has!!
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PB&J&C + O

I had made these little Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches for our Wed. playgroup.

Owen found one and had to get himself some cheese to make it just perfect.

Just how he likes it.... YUCK!
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