Tuesday, August 10, 2010

the evolution of the boys room

The very beginning:

move in day:

First night sleeping on the new beds in the new room:

Tommy and I set up the Pottery Barn daybed late that night. It was really fast and seems pretty sturdy. The top is a full and the trundle underneath is a twin. To our surprise they fight over who gets to sleep on the trundle. All three kids can fit on the top but many nights the boys have both slept on the bottom:)


It took a week to find some cute bedding but I found this at Wally World and thought it looked kinda retro.

Trying to get the closet and all their stuff under control:

it took me 2 days to get everything all it's place. This picture was taken after 1 day.

Wall Art:

I was excited that the blue in the bed spread matched the blue frames I had made for our hall way at the dorms. I got them all up and when I came back they we all rearranged. Darn, crafty little boys! After I got them all put back into place I gave them a little lesson and everything has been good since then.

I found these cute wall decals at Target. I LOVE THAT STORE!!!
The boys love it and already are dreaming of flying planes when they grow up.

I really should take a few pictures of it right now. The closet is done being organized and they have a new tv stand. I'll try and snap a few before too long.