Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday Traditions

Every year for Christmas my sisters Carrie and Tonya send my kids something special.
My sister Carrie send them advent calendars. The ones with the chocolates in them. She is always way on it so they get here right on or before the 1st of Dec.
But we love when she gets them out a little late cause then we get to eat up more that one chocolate to "catch up". This year, it got here right on time. :( hahahah, just joking.
There is nothing like getting a package with your name on it in the mail!!!!
The kids could hardly pose for the picture. They wanted to rip into it and get that first choc. in their mouth PRONTO!
Even Lills knew what was going on and couldn't wait to get hers open.

My sister Tonya has picked up the tradition from my Great Aunt Lucille. She sends the kids an Tree Ornament every year.
Oh they just wanted to get it out of the box and get it on the tree.
They were kinda bugged when I made Lills get in the picture. They just wanted to Open Open Open.
This years ornaments were so beautiful. They were all Peace themed ornaments from Pottery Barn.

The super crazy thing is that they matched my tree PERFECT, this year. The 2 peace signs were all glittery and the other was a white wreth with a bird holding a flag that says "peace".
Uh,,, glittery, silver, white and feathers??? Thanks totally my tree this year ( See earlier post). COOL!!!

WhAT awesome sisters I have! Thank you so much for loving my kids!

A few days later I found this:
Wanna guess what little monster got to this???? OWEN!
Grrrr! As he described it, he "Open dems up and eated all of dems yummy nummies.... all of dems." While doing a sort of Spirit Fingers action. It about killed him to see his siblings gobble up their next chocolate that night. Oh well, that's wotcha get!