Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hurricane's last home game

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Here they come!

The coaches
and the players
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The Poly Club sang The National Anthem.

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Hurricane wins and is off the the State Championship

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Right here~ this... this RIGHT HERE:

This is what I love about this town.

They thanked everyone for an awesome season. Asked everyone to take off their hats and said a prayer over the food. Thanking our Father in Heaven for all our blessings.

Yes, I took a picture right in the middle of the prayer. I had to. My Grandkids may never ever see this at a school function and I just had to document it.

PS~ At Nifae's schools Veteran's Day assemble they sang God Bless America. AND I LOVE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Poly Club reppen in Hurricane Utah!

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The food was really good and but the community support and love was even better!

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In good company

It was so fun to sit and chat with friends from the ward.

The kids did actually take a break from running up and down the field to get a drink and eat a little.
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And at the very end of the night... Fireworks.

I didn't get a good video because by that point the kids were ready to leave.

A date with my Nifae

I was heading to St. George for a fun lunch with Kathy from DSC and Dany, the awesome girl that got our job at the dorms. Nifae also got invited to his friend Colton's for some boy time.
I decided to leave early and have a mini hike date with my Bumbum. It's not very often that we get to steal a little time away just the 2 of us.

We headed to a little spot that looks over St. George.
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I love to see the temple!

I'm going there someday.

To feel the Holy Spirit.
To listen and to pray.
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"Ohhhhhhh :( somebody's been drinking drugs."

This is what Nifae said when he found some alcohol bottles left by one someone. He had just finished Red Ribbon Week and was so so sad that someone had chosen to do the unthinkable. A little bit of his innocence was left there that day. It made me so so sad.
All and all it was a great opportunity to discuss "drinking drugs". And what a better spot to talk about this with the temple just over the trees. We talked about what the temple stands for. It was a stark comparison.
He told me that he had signed the Red Ribbon Pledge and he "duper duper promise"d me he would never do drugs, smoke or drink "alca-what's is called".
Boooo on you mean yucky harsh world!
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After a quick date with mom and a play date with buddy Colton, Nifae couldn't handle the 20 min ride home and knocked out in the car.
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Oh, if I could put words to the love I feel when I look at these 4....

I would.
But alas... There are none.
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The messy reality of my on going fight against laundry.

Oh, my poor kids.

Your wish is my command

They asked for crowns....

And crowns they got.

Yep, every single one of them.
Hey, even princessed need a potty break.
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Cheesy Crunch

Owen said he would make Lilia some cereal to snack on.

This is what he delivered.
It wasn't what she ordered but she didn't send it back.
Look at this proud cheese lover. What am I going to do with him????


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