Thursday, April 14, 2011

This may or may not help

I have found that this will make the pictures appear on my computer. Maybe it will work on your, too:

Click on the empty box where the pic should be. There will be an error message. Then press you back button to go to the previous screen... then the pictures show up. Magic. Or lame sauce. Anyway try to press refresh after clicking on the empty box. Or just walk away and go scream in the bathroom (that's what I want to do).


Why do none of my pictures that I upload from Picasa work, anymore??????????????? It's so not cool. What a major waste of my time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

Not in any specific order.

This blog is Soooo behind. I am giving up having it in chronological order, for now. So here are some (30) posts that are ready. I think I have 1/2 million pics from March and Feb but I will just have to post them later.

PS I fixed the previous posts that had picture problems (hope it works now, Mom). I also fixed my music per your request Aunt JoAnn. Let me know if it's still not working on your end.
LOVE ALL YOU GUYS that read this incredibly boring blog about our lives. You must really love us or something:)

Awesomeness happening down the street:

Our neighbors had their sprinklers on and it was like a magnet for our kids.

Little Lills
Who would have thought these pics were taken in March?

March 2011

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Our cel phones have this funny distort feature on the camera. He have spent hours... I mean HOURS trying to get the ugliest/ funniest pic. We have all laughed till we cried at these pics. Hope you enjoy them as much as we have! April 2011
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So cool.

One night i dropped Joey off at the Hurricane baseball field so he could watch his high school friend play. On my way home this is what I was looking at. I had to pull over and take a picture because it was just TOO cool.

March 2011
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Why do they call this place Hurricane?

Cause it's crazy windy here!!! The kids were pretty sick of being stuck in doors for a good part of Conf. Weekend. They wanted to eat strawberries outside. I told them the could. The wind was whipping around and so I went to go check on them and this is what I found.

General Conference means great speakers and yummy food!

We had Aunty Susie and Uncle Jim over in between Sunday sessions. Tommy made fried Rice and Roast and we had lots of other yummy sides and deserts.
This little girl was a happy camper.

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April 2011

I love our neice Kristy!!!!

She totally cleaned out our pantry. I mean she had hot soapy water AND the vacuum running at one point. She is awesome! Thank Kristy!

March 2011

Saturday Session Brunch

In between sessions our circle got together for a BBQ. It was so much fun!

It has been such great weather and so we have been having plenty of neighbor time. My kids and I are SOOOOO happy cause we have missed them all.

This is so wierd to me.

This just seems crazy to be watering the lawn in March but hey~ "when in Rome".

The pictures just never do it justice.

There was the most beautiful gold light shining in our house at sunset this night. I ran out to snap a shot but it just turned out like this. It was really breathtaking. I have really been impressed with the beauty for Southern Utah . I used to hate it here but now think it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.

Yard work.....

I'm not a fan... But these guys are. Thank heaven 4 able bodied men live in this house!

TShirt Contraditions

Nifae's says " If you can't play nice play hockey." Well, the hockey part is a no brainer but look at him playing nice with this little lady bug on his sleeve.

We have cool neighbors!

That have cool toys.