Friday, October 8, 2010

locked and loaded....

Watch out, Cop Koston is gonna getcha.

PS We love having FUN neighbors!
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I can't get over the sky and clouds after a big rain.

I was praying for a red light so I could capture the pink and orange sky.

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Check out the silver lining on this cloud:

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Birds on a wire

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Old stomping grounds.

Lilia is still so homesick. I take her to see Kathy and our old house as much as possible. She loves Kathy so much... and her suckers, too.

This trip was particularly familiar for us. :)

Big big boys.

Sorry about all the school posts but I just can't get over the fact that my baby is gone all day at school . He is acting older and is reading and writing just 2 months into Kindergarten.
He's our little smarty party!
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Pasi Girl's White Chocolate Popcorn

So Easy...

So Yummy!

Perfect for holidays!
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Guess who was the Spotlight this week in school??????

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Our Sissy Girl

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Kindergarten is where it's at!

What's not to love?

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