Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fun Run

I gotta help a little with the Spooktacular Fun Run for Nifae's school. There were a lot of funny costumes. Here was one of my favs:
Here are all the fit fun parents that got up early and took their kids. I was lame and showed up with out any of them. Shhhhhh... they don't know!

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Potty Training over Halloween weekend

Not recommended!
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I only get one per life time.

Just add dirt

We went out to check the mail the other day and discovered this great play land in the empty lots behind the mailbox.

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more to explore

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The cheesey combo's continue with this boy

Wheat bread, cheese and ....
Frosted Mini Wheats.
Yes, he has a cheese obsession. No, these cheese posts are NOT staged.
He asked me if he could make a sandwich and I said sure. I knew he was heading for the cheese but when I heard the cereal bag start to crinkle, I grabbed the camera and raced over. At least he is taking care of getting his daily fiber.

This particular cheese combo took him quite a while to eat. He even put 1/2 of it in a baggy. I thought for sure it would sit in the fridge till I through it out but I was wrong.
About an hour later I found him outside chomping away at this tasty bugger.

not a care in the world

nail + hammer + wood




Was in town....
And we all loved it!

Bye bye Fro...

...Hello Joe.

The football team all cut their hair since they are now in the playoffs. Check out this handsome boy that they discovered after that shaved off all his poofy curls.

So handsome!

PS Hurricane JV was undefeated this year. Way to go Joe!! It was an awesome year and they kicked some MAJOR booty! The varsity had only lost one team all year long and so the play off games are really exciting. I hope they make it to the end cause I really really want to go watch them play at the U of U!!!!!! GOOOO HURRICANE!
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Fo'i Lole

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That's my Tongan baby!


How do you do it?

Tommy grew up doing it buffet style on paper plates. I grew up sitting around the table with real plates.
Some nights we do it his way other nights we do it my way.
Either way is great so what do you do?

I love dinner time, who doesn't? We play High Low every dinner. It's where you share the high part of your day and the low part. Over the year it has evolved since my kids don't really get what you mean when you say, "What is the high point in your day?"
So really , we play the kids version.
"What was the best part of your day? What was the worst part of your day?"
It can get pretty interesting. You never know what is going to stand out to your kids.

Playgroup cows

So every Wed. is the ward playgroup. This is the thing they like best about it:
The dang cows across the street.

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Baby Henry... I MISS YOU!!!!

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I love this cutie patootie!

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Dance A Thon

Jah, Nifae, Malika and Owen.
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Hanging out.

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This is my favorite room in our house and strangely enough... the ugliest room in our house.
Anyway, It's my favorite because the kids love to hang out and talk. For some reason you can get them to spill their guts in this room.

Who needs to sit in a chair when you can sit under one?

Rough and tumble...

...only the strong survive.

This is one of my favorite meals when the weather gets cold.

What's yours?
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The field behind our house has lots of interesting things. The boys love to explore and pretend they are farm boys.
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"JD! JD!'

That's all you can hear when this boys walks in the door. He is the son of Jim & Susie and the kids love him! After a while JD get's pooped out and I have to out a ban on tackling him or shouting his name:)

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