Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Big Brother & Lilttle Sister?

Tara and Joey April 2010
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Lilia all dolled up

She loves when I put on makeup and wants to get in on the fun.

Randon pics from my cel phone:

Joey learning to do his wash.
Tommy and Tommi napp'in.
Lills all bundled up.

Ick! She was chewing on a roll of black ribbon.
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OC Bear loves love love Nifae's school!

Road trippen to California to visit my sister. We had to take a little break and get Lills out of her car seat.

The beach in Cali. We had so much fun with my sisters and their families!
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Uncle B's in town. Breakfast at the Egg and I.
Telling Santa that they had been good.
Boys watching the Iron Man competition.

'Uila eating pull-aparts at Chuck-O-Rama.
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Bubble Bath!

Best of EFY!
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Friday Night is movie night....

Boys, boys, boys! This cracks me up! I love how Nifae's head is hanging off the couch and how Joey is full on TKOed! Love it!
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Learning to tie his shoes

Most kids at his age know how to do this already but it's not his fault. We are a slipper family and barefoot family. He is a little cutie and I love that he is learning new things.
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Breakfast of Champions

Oh, Joey. I always tease Joey that he eats an old man breakfast everyday cause he eats a bagle or toast every morning......
Except this morning. Luckily, it was a Saturday not a school day! LOL
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